Examples of Chains we carry in Studio

Gold filled jewelry is made of a solid layer of gold that is bonded to a base of another metal like Sterling Silver. We use gold filled jewelry because it is more durable than solid gold, and also has a better price point. It stays looking new and shiny, even with decades of wear. 

Solid gold is also a good option but comes with a higher price tag. If you would like solid gold, please email us (this will be considered a custom booking) we will be happy to help you choose a solid gold chain. It's also worth noting that solid gold is much softer of a metal than gold filled, making it more likely to break if you snag it on something.

Lower quality metals such as gold plated, brass or copper offer a lower price point, but will quickly tarnish and can turn the skin colors and we do not sell these types of chains.  

If you have a gold allergy there's another option! Sterling Silver!

Sterling silver is another option for our silver-colored pieces. More specifically, we use .925 sterling silver which is an alloy containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals (usually copper), making sterling harder than regular silver and therefore more suitable for permanent jewelry. 

If worn all of the time, sterling silver will last on average between 20-30 years. 

Pure silver is not susceptible to tarnish in a pure oxygen environment. However, the copper that is contained in .925 sterling silver may react to the ozone and hydrogen sulfide in the air and cause slight tarnish. No worries, if this does happen, simply mix a small amount of baking soda, lemon juice, and olive oil together until you make a thin paste. Dip a soft cloth in the paste and gently wipe the jewelry. This will bring the sterling silver piece right back to life!

***24k Gold Chains can be ordered in different sizes by requesting the Custom Permanent Jewelry appointment at our booking site. A deposit is required to make special orders and will be applied to your balance at your appointment. 


Sterling Silver Cable Chain 1.5mm

Sterling Silver Flat Paper Clip Chain 2mm

Long & Short Chain 14k Gold Filled Chain

14k Gold Filled Flat Paper Clip 2mm

14k Gold Filled Cable Chain 1.5x2mm 

14K Gold Filled 3 mm Heart Chain 

Sterling Silver 1.6mm Figaro Chain

Sterling Silver Heart Link Chain 3mm

14k Gold Filled Figaro Chain 1.6mm

Our favorite and most popular combos!

14k Gold Filled Heart, Paperclip and small cable chain with charm

14k Gold Filled Paperclip and Flat Link Chain

Sterling Silver Smaller Cable Chain, CZ Charm, and small Paperclip Chain

 Example of a Custom Order

   24k Solid Gold Paperclip Chain with 18k Gold Filled Moon and Stars Charm

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